Sogaerdyn GHA SpA is a leading company on ground handling services, delivered to the main European Carriers, at Cagliari Elmas Airport. It was founded in September 1997 with a total of 30 employees in force. Nowadays Sogaerdyn employs more than 200 staff (including administration staff and workers) and it handles the 75% of the total Elmas airport operating flights, as well as the 80% of the total passengers traffic. Sogaerdyn GHA SpA has always been oriented towards innovation, flexibility and competitiveness.
The company aims at customer satisfaction and customization of services through:
– translation of requirements and expectations of the Airlines, in a “characteristic” of products and services offered to their own customers
– focus on targets, through individual responsibilities on delivering at set standards.
The wide range and the high quality of services provided, has placed Sogaerdyn GHA among the first Italian ground handling companies to be certified ISO 9002-94, today ISO9001-2015.